STROYGROUP - art of construction

Company profile

"Stroygroup" sarry out its activities in accordance with all applicable regulatory regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria, and with the European requirements and strandarts.

In effort to satisfy the exprectations and needs of our clients/entities, we in "Stroygroup" have set clear targets, how to measure carefully and analyse our services to their improvement and optimisation; we do not allow compromises with the quality of the suggested from us services; to increase the level of competence of our employees; to select our providers, materials and consumables; far more strictly to observe and do not allow dangers at the working process, with which we guarantee the health and safety of our employees, and enviroment.

Our mission is to build an arganisation whose maximum activity to match the nature of the construction business and to satisfy the requirements of our clients.


The workers and employees are a main unit in "Stroygroup" structure, which is directly related with the quality of our services, that's why we work in drection to improve the work enviroment for better efficiency and stronger motivation for our staff.
The Corporation's success passes throught the personal acievements of every each of our employee, worker and supervisor. This is the leading maxim of "Stroygroup" in the field the Human Resources.
The management team is composed by specialists from different spheres, which have proved their professionalistm, and also from young personel with perspective.
The motivation of each employee, worker and supervisor is the main task of the sompany's management. It's achieved with a clear develepment strategy for all levels of supervisions:
• Professional development - upgrading skills, tight specialisation;
• Increasin education level and acquiring higher qualification;
• Language & Software education;
• Opportunity for career advancement of the employees. Through our successful ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 sertification, our team proved its competence and desire for nonsroppable evolvement;


From the inception of the company we have always placed major emphasis to our clients/entities. Thats why our relations with them are always correct, professional and permanent.
Hospital for active treatment Vratza;
Municipality "German" Blagoevgrad reasphalting of roads;
Courthouse Lovech - reconstruction of the facade;
Minicipality Varshets in repair of municipal roads: Sopovo-Cherkarski-Draganitza and Varshets-Zanozhene-Spanchevtzi;
Sofia Municipality, Vrabnitsa adjustment of the River Dolo, Voluyak;
Kostinbrod Municipality - building sewers and recover asphalt;
BTK EAD - NU Radio and TV stations repairing the roof and pumped station, construction of retaining side of the rever and making Belitsa approach to fire trucks.

Professional memberships and certificates

Stroygroup is a regular member of the Bulgarian construction chamber and has all the catergories from I, II, & IV group. In 2010-th Stroygroup has successfully created and applied INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IMS) which combines standarts ISO 9001: 2010, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and in September acquired certificates for the tree strandarts (quality, enviroment and healthy and safety at work).

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